World Breastfeeding Week Day 2022: Theme, Breastfeeding Week on 1 August

World Breastfeeding Week Day 2022: Theme, Breastfeeding Week on 1 August

Why is World Breastfeeding Week Day

Every year Breastfeeding is celebrated as a day so that people worldwide can get to know the correct information about it and its importance. For your information, let us tell you that breastfed babies are less prone to diseases like colds, respiratory infections, ear infections, and influenza. Breastfeeding is good for digestion. Babies who are breastfed are sixteen times healthier than other babies. There is a process of Breastfeeding Week in which it was started to make people aware through the campaign. Every year on August 1, this day is celebrated so that ordinary people can know about this.

Breastfeeding Mother

The mother’s diet during breastfeeding is closely related to the health of the baby. The baby will get the same health as the mother eats. In such a situation, the diet of the mother becomes very important. Every mother wants her baby to be healthy, so it is very important for a mother to take care of her health for her baby, a lactating mother needs 400 to 500 calories so that the baby can get healthy development.

Why is breastfeeding important for the baby?

Breast milk has many health benefits as it helps your baby get the ideal nutrition. This lowers your child’s risk of developing asthma or allergies and reduces the chances of obesity. New mothers must make breastfeeding a priority.

The Top 5 Breastfeeding Positions – Good Position for Baby and Mother

1. Cradle Hold
2. Crossover Hold
3. Side-Lying Position:
4. clutch position
5. side-lying position.

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