Knowledge Facts About world | 85+ Interesting General Knowledge Facts | The Knowledge Facts Video

Knowledge Facts About world | 80+ Interesting General Knowledge Facts | The Knowledge Facts Video

  1. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on Earth, over 2000 km long.
  2. A rocket is released at a speed of 7 miles per second to escape Earth’s gravity.
  3. A dog can smell 1000 times more than a human.
  4. The largest desert in the world is the Sahara Desert with an area of ​​350,000 square miles.
  5. Aswan Egypt is the driest region in the world with an annual average rainfall of 0.02 inches.
  6. It takes 0.13 seconds for light to travel around the Earth.
  7. The temperature in Antarctica is less than minus 35 degree Celsius.
  8. The tallest tree ever found was the Australian Eucalyptus, which was 435 feet tall.
  9. Utopia on Mars is a smooth layered region.The African elephant has a gestation period of 22 months.
  10. The largest dinosaur ever lived, more than 100 feet long, weighing 80 tons, was named Seismosaurus.
  11. There are more than 100 billion galaxies in our universe.
  12. The longest glacier in Antarctica is Albert Glacier, which is 250 mel in length and 40 mel in width.
  13. The thermometer was invented by Galileo in 1607.
  14. DNA was discovered by Swiss Federal Miller in 1869.
  15. More than one million earthquakes shake the earth each year.
  16. It takes 8 minutes 17 seconds for light to travel from the Sun to the Earth’s surface.
  17. If you cut an onion with a wooden knife, it does not bring tears to your eyes.
  18. When we cut onions, a kind of gas comes out from it, due to which there is irritation in
  19. the eyes and tears come out of the eyes.
  20. Honey is made from the vomit made by bees.
  21. The ice cream used during movies is made of grated potato so that it does not melt quickly.
  22. Junk food is cheaper than postic diet.
  23. Most calories are found in milkshakes.
  24. Lemon is one of the healthiest foods in the world.
  25. Food was discovered about 5000 years ago.
  26. Chicken Tikka is a staple dish of Scotland.
  27. Potatoes are also used to check the signal of aircraft.
  28. If you eat a fresh apple in the morning without drinking a coffee, then I will be more beneficial for you.
  29. It is not good to eat food in airplane because due to high altitude, the ability to smell and taste there is reduced by about 30%.
  30. It takes about 1700 liters of water to make one hundred grams of chocolate bar.
  31. Watermelon contains 92 percent water.
  32. Almond is from the potato species.
  33. India is the largest spice producing country in the world.
  34. If any kind of color is not called in Coca Cola, then its color will be green.
  35. There is a population of more ants than humans in the world, which is increasing by
  36. 1000000 times every year, there are 1000000 ants behind every human.
  37. The lion does not hunt more than 20 prey in its entire life while the lioness does 90% of the prey.
  38. The weight of 1 elephant tooth can be up to 4.5 kg.
  39. Ants never sleep.
  40. Pouring a drop of alcohol on the scorpion makes him mad.
  41. A grasshopper can jump 20 times the length of its body.
  42. Hippopotamuses can run faster than humans.
  43. Horses start walking and running only a few hours after they are born.
  44. The elephant is the largest animal on earth but it is much smaller than the blue whale living in the ocean.
  45. Woodpecker hits FreeCharge into the tree 20 times in one second.
  46. A snail is such a creature that if you cut off one of its eyes, it comes again.
  47. Cow can dung up to 16 times in a day.
  48. A dog has sweat glands on the soles of his feet.
  49. Stone fish is the name of the most poisonous fish in the world.
  50. The position of the eyes of a donkey is such that it can see its four legs simultaneously with its own eyes.
  51. A panda can be smaller than a rat at birth and it becomes so large after 2 years of birth
  52. that even juvenile rats cannot match it.
  53. The ability to fly a hummingbird is very high, it can flap its wings 70 to 80 times in 1 second, due to this it can fly forward and backward and it can fly in any strong wind.
  54. All the shearing creatures like squirrel, rat etc., their teeth keep growing.
  55. Hippopotamus sweat is red in colour.
  56. Squirrels do not see red colour.
  57. A beautiful can search a tunnel 30 feet long in one night because its claws are like
  58. shovel, due to which it can throw the soil back very fast.
  59. Starfish have fish eyes and have 8 eyes in its 8 arms.
  60. Sharks have been on earth since time immemorial, even before dinosaurs.
  61. Dogs see more in the dark than humans.
  62. A bear can run as fast as a horse.
  63. Ants are not found in Antarctica.
  64. The slowest moving fish in the ocean is the Sea Horse.
  65. An ostrich can kick anyone like a donkey.
  66. A monkey has 36 teeth while a human has 32 teeth.
  67. After humans, monkeys are the only creatures that eat bananas after peeling them.
  68. Once upon a time, kangaroos could be seen all over the world, but now only 4 species
  69. of kangaroos are found which are in Australia.
  70. There are also some species of snakes that can live for 2 years without eating and drinking.
  71. Crocodiles sometimes swallow heavy stones to dive to the depths of the ocean.
  72. Bears have 42 teeth.
  73. A rat can live for a long time without drinking water, even longer than a camel.
  74. Goat can see up to 360 degrees with its own eyes.
  75. An elephant can store up to 5 liters of water in its trunk.
  76. The lifespan of a squirrel is about 9 years.
  77. 49% of adults in the US eat a sandwich a day.
  78. If you want to identify the eggs, they are submerged in water.
  79. Lemon contains more sugar than strawberry fruit.
  80. Honey is a substance that can be preserved for about 3000 years.
  81. If you heat the grapes by placing them in the microwave, it causes the grapes to burst.
  82. In Korea, people eat octopus alive.
  83. If you consume more beetroot, then your urine comes in pink color.
  84. Cabbage contains 91% water.
  85. There are more than 10,000 species of tomato.
  86. The world’s most expensive pizza is $12000, which takes about 72 hours to make.

Knowledge Facts About world | 50+ Interesting General Knowledge Facts | The Knowledge Facts Video

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