Animals Facts Knowledge, Interesting Facts 80+ The Knowledge Khazana

Animals Facts Knowledge Interesting Facts 80+ The Knowledge Khazana

Animals Facts Knowledge Interesting Facts 80+ The Knowledge Khazana

Fact No.1. Bees have been in this world for 30 million years and bees also have a big hand in keeping this world alive because they help to pollinate the plant, due to which flowers and fruits grow on it, but for a few decades, the number of bees The numbers are continuously falling which is a sign of danger.

Fact No. 2. The lion does not hunt more than 20 in a year and the lioness does 90% of the hunt.

Fact No. 3. Ants never sleep, even if there are ants, they do not even sit quietly, they are engaged in work day and night.

Facts No. 4. 1 The turkey bird is the most famous bird in North America.

5. A drop of alcohol on a scorpion makes him mad.

6. Flamingos can only eat food with their heads down.

7. Chinese farmers have more than half of the world’s pigs.

8. Deer, especially white-tailed deer do not have gall bladders.

9. The power of seeing of dogs is better than that of humans, the power of smelling of dogs is also more than that of man, the power to run is also more.

Fact No.10. An elephant tooth can weigh up to 4 and a half kilos.

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11. The group of owls is called Parliament.

12. A grasshopper i.e. Grasshopper can jump 20 times longer than the length of the body.

13. There are 32 years in a cat’s ear.

14. Hippopotamuses can run faster than humans.

15. Horses start walking and running only a few hours after they are born.

16. Woodpecker can kill thinking 20 times in 1 second.

17. 2 Most elephants weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale, the elephant is the largest on earth, but it proves to be a sow in the sea.

18. The moth does not have a stomach, yes, because after becoming a caterpillar in its body, there are so many neutrons so that it can live for a few days, during which it has to mate and reproduce.

19. If you cut off one eye of a snail, it grows again.

Fact No.20. On average, a cow can dung up to 16 times in a day.

21. Stonefish is the most poisonous fish in the world.

22. Dogs have sweat glands on their soles.

23. 98% of human DNA comes from chimp NGOs.

24. The stripes of the body of any two parts are not the same.

25. The heart of a whale beats only 9 times in 1 minute and that of a turtle 6 times in 1 minute.

26. The position of the eyes of a donkey is such that it can see its four legs simultaneously.

27. Gorillas digest 40 pounds of food in a day.

28. A horse is an animal that sleeps while standing.

29. Once upon a time, kangaroos could be seen all over the world, but now only four species are found in Australia.

Fact No.30. The ear of all living beings is in the outer part, but not that of a snake, their ear is inside their brain.

(Animals Facts Knowledge Interesting Facts 80+)

31. Some such snakes are also found which can live for 2 years without eating and drinking.

32. Elephants are considered the heaviest of all animals but do you know that they are very afraid of bees.

33. Elephants sleep two to three hours a day, but they are in such a deep sleep that they do not wake up even with a loud sound.

34. 7A snail can sleep for 3 years at a time.

35. Elephants are the only creatures that can never be themselves.

36. An African elephant has only 4 teeth in its mouth.

37. Only the female mosquito drinks blood, the male mosquito drinks sweet soft substances, a female mosquito can drink 3 times its own blood.

38. Whale fish can never swim in the opposite direction.

39. A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21 inch long tongue.

Fact No.40. Crocodiles sometimes swallow heavy stones to dive deep into the sea.

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41. If an enemy grabs the lizard’s tail, then it separates its tail and runs away.

42. Butterfly does not have hearing ability but it can feel vibrations.

45. Bears have 42 teeth.

46. 8 Horses start running and walking only a few hours after they are born.

47. 3 At the time of birth a panda can be smaller than a rat and within 2 years of birth the salary becomes big, so even rats cannot match it.

48. Only one part of the dolphin’s brain is active at a time, this is because the other part remains awake to keep the dolphin from getting air and from drowning.

49. There are about 1700 test birds in dogs.

Fact No.50. Hummingbirds can flap their wings 70 to 80 times in a second. Hummingbirds can flap their wings fast, you will need ultra slow motion to see them, their wings flapping so fast can fly forward and can also fly backwards. Can even stand in the air.

51. The teeth of the shearing creatures are always growing, the teeth of animals like rats and squirrels, which keep on doing to us, also keep on growing, if they do not fall, then their teeth will end with the shear.

52. Squirrels do not see red colour.

53. Hippopotamus sweat is red in colour.

54. The mole can dig a tunnel 300 feet long in one night, in fact, the mole’s claws are like shovels, so they throw the soil back quickly.

55. Starfish has 8 eyes and its 8 eyes are attached to its 8 arms.

56. Sharks are already on earth than dinosaurs.

57. 4Turkey has low smelling power but very high tasting power.

58. A dog sees better in the dark than a man.

59. A group of frogs is called an army.

Fact No.60. A bear can run as fast as a horse.

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61. There is a spider in Brazil whose bite can keep the penis of men erect for 4 hours.

62. There are no ants in Antarctica.

63. Some have intercourse up to 50 times a day.

64. The slowest fish in the sea is the Sea Horse.

65. Squirrels are also a major contributor to growing millions of trees in the world. Now the poor trees give shelter to the squirrels to live their whole life, so in return it is their duty to grow them too.

66. But such squirrels do not do it intentionally, but they get into an accident. In fact, many times the squirrels bury the seeds in the ground so that they can eat them later, but many times she forgets where she had thickened the seed and it splits from the ground as a middle plant.

67. Anteater is up to 6 feet in length while its mouth is 1 inch wider than one ant eater can eat up to 30,000 ants in a day.

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68. 5 An ostrich can move around like a lion and run faster than a horse.

69. An ostrich can kick anyone like a donkey.

Fact No.70. Many turtles breathe through their butts.

71. If you’re trying to boil an ostrich egg, you’re wasting your four hours.

72. The owl cannot move its eyes from side to side.

73. Lion does not collide with elephants and rhinoceros without reason, the lion mostly lives in the grassy area.

74. The mighty lion can jump 35 to 40 feet long.

75. Monkey has 36 teeth and human has 32 teeth.

76. Monkeys eat bananas by removing the peel of the banana, just like a human!

77. The name of the world’s largest monkey is male mandrill and the weight of that monkey is 35 kg.

78. 6 A bat can never run, it can only stick and fly because it has no legs.

79. Goats can die by eating boiled rice.

Fact No. 80. The snake does not blink.

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