runo englanniksi

By | 11 heinäkuun, 2023

In the realm of poetic sway,
Let me sing a verse today,
Of the beauty that words convey,
In the language of English, I say.

From the ancient lands of old,
Where bards and minstrels bold,
Crafted words with stories told,
The magic of English they beheld.

With consonants and vowels combined,
Melodies of language find,
Harmony in every line,
Whispered softly, sublime.

English, a tapestry of sound,
Words like treasures often found,
From heartfelt cries to joy profound,
Its expressions, truly renowned.

It bridges cultures, breaks down walls,
Unveils truths, no barrier stalls,
From Shakespeare’s sonnets to rap’s thralls,
English weaves its enchanting calls.

So let us celebrate this tongue,
That binds us all, when we are young,
A symphony of words unsung,
In the realm of English, we belong.


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